Boxer Profile: Antonio Vargas

Age: 17
Weight Class: 114 lbs
Hometown: Houston, TX
Gym: Dan’s Boxing
Recent Accomplishments:

Klitschko Brothers Tournament - Flyweight Champion

US National Championships – 114 lbs. Champion


At what age did you start boxing?

I started at age 9.

What was it that originally drew you into the sport?

My dad got me into the sport because growing up I was diagnosed with ADHD. I used to get in trouble a lot. I couldn’t stay still in class. I was always the hyper one running around. They wanted to put me on medication to calm me down. My dad didn’t want to do that so he put me in boxing to burn a lot of my energy off.

Do you think it worked?

Oh yeah it worked!

What was it about the sport of boxing that made you want to pursue it further?

I’m real competitive. I didn’t like people beating me. Whether it was running, push ups, sit-ups, jump rope. That always stirred me up to be the best.

What was your life like before you found boxing?

Oh, man. I was a real corrupt kid. Always getting in trouble, fighting in school. I didn’t really see myself going nowhere in life without boxing. Now I have goals set for the future that I want to try to accomplish.

If you hadn’t found boxing at 9 where do you think you would be right now?

Oh man, I’d probably be one of those bad kids, smoking weed and hanging around with the wrong crowd.

What kinds of goals have you set for yourself?

Right now my main goal is going for the Olympics in 2016 and getting that gold medal, then going pro after that.

What was the most rewarding thing you have experienced since learning to box - either inside or outside of the gym?

I guess just making my family happy. I’m surrounded by people who love me. Whenever I take the “W” all my people are happy. That’s one of the experiences I love about boxing.

How do you bring the things you learn at the gym into your outside life?

Boxing teaches you discipline and keeps you focused. In the gym I know what I want to do and get done. Outside it’s the same thing, like in school. Boxing keeps me in line in school, too, because I know if I’m not doing good in school I have to stop boxing. It teaches me how to balance stuff in life.

What characteristics make a good boxer?

Determination, focus, and perseverance.

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