Boxer Profile: Caitlin Orosco

Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Age: 15
Height: 5' 0"
Weight Class: 101 lbs.

2013 Junior  Olympic National Champion

2013 Junior World Team Open Champion


This month's Boxer Profile features 15 year-old female boxer Caitlin Orosco. Having already experienced plenty of success at the youth level, she has her eyes set on a 2016 Olympic roster spot. Read what she has to say about the challenges of being a female boxer and how she prepares on a daily basis towards that goal.

Before boxing, what other sports were you involved in?

I played softball and basketball and soccer for 5 years.

What got you into boxing?  Did you have other family members involved or was it something that you got into on your own?

Actually I was playing all different sports. After soccer I decided to do boxing.  My cousin was a boxer in Annapolis [Maryland] and I grew up watching him.

What did you like about boxing when growing up that drew you to it?

Seeing how much [my cousin] loved it and how much he was winning.  I thought maybe I would be good at it.

For those of us who are only spectators and have never boxed before can you describe the feeling of being in the ring with an opponent?

It’s a big rush because you know that everyone’s watching you and you have to perform at your best.  Just the feeling of it is amazing, having everyone watch you.  If you win it’s incredible!

What do you do to prepare for a match?

Train every day. Then right before a fight we practice what we’re going to do with the coach. He does pads with us and makes sure that we go over the game plan of what we’re gonna’ do and how to execute it in the fight.

Do you have a ritual or special regimen you do before a major fight?  Walk us through a day in the life of an amateur boxer.

Every morning we walk or run for an hour. For me, I walk an hour and then I jog an hour.  From 5-9 I’m boxing. We do sparring, bag work, pad work, and conditioning. Before fights we usually eat Subway for our diet so we can make weight easily. 

Do you up your training regimen before a major fight? 

We’re actually just pushing everything harder, doing more sparring and pad work.

What grade are you in and how do you fit your boxing routine in with school and homework?

I’m in 11th grade.  I go to school in the morning from 8-2:30.  Then I have two hours before practice so I do my homework then.  Then I train, and whatever homework I have left I do after training.  Then I go to sleep and start over again!

How do you bring the things that you learn at the gym into your outside life on a day to day basis?  How do the traits needed to be a successful boxer affect your school work, social life etc.?

I don’t really have time to go out with friends or go to any school dance or anything, it’s strictly boxing.  It’s actually better for me because then I can focus on boxing with school.

What are your dreams for the future? Do you see boxing as a career?

I actually plan to go to the 2016 Olympics and maybe after that go pro.

Does your family support your passion for the sport and the intensity with which you approach boxing?

Yes, they’re very supportive.  They try to go to every single one of my fights no matter what. 

What are the challenges you face being a girl in a sport that has been historically dominated by men?

It’s harder for us because we just barely started and it’s kind of hard for us to get fights.  But I sense it’s growing now and hopefully everything will change.  Maybe we’ll be compared to men now instead of just, ‘oh we’re girls so we can’t really do as much as guys.’

Describe how you felt when you heard women would box in the 2012 Olympics.

I was so excited.  See, that’s my dream and now it can actually happen.

What can being a boxer teach other girls your age and even younger?

It can teach you dedication and determination and whatever you want to do you can do it no matter what. 

What qualities do you think make a good boxer?

Listening, hard work, and dedication.

You recently took the gold medal at the Jr. Olympic National Championships.  What do you think was the key to your victory there over some of your opponents? What makes you a better boxer than them and what characteristics allowed you to win?

My coach says I have the ability to adapt to whatever style I need to be.  I’m a good boxer and banger.  I just have good listening skills so if my coach tells me to throw a right hand or left hook or jab or whatever I can throw it whenever he says.

How did it feel to take the gold medal?

It felt fantastic to actually have all the hard work pay off.  Just incredible!